Coraline Wahoo Range

Coraline 480 Wahoo Open Boat

Coraline 480 Wahoo Open Boat

Coraline 500 Wahoo Open Boat

Coraline Wahoo Open Boat


The Coraline Wahoo range has the largest deck space of any open boat and is a serious "tinnie". These professionally designed and built plate alloy dinghies would have to be the stongest in the market, boasting a full-frame construction complete with self-draining decks and extra large scuppers. Additional options include self-flooding kill tank, hull paint, bimini/canopy, saltwater deckwash pickups and more. You are only limited by your imagination (or budget)...

Coraline 550 Wahoo Open Boat

Coraline 550 Wahoo Open Boat

The Wahoo Gallery

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The Complete Coraline Range


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Coraline Boats are locally made in Western Australia. You can contact us on
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